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Welcome to Key Cities

We are Key Cities. We came together as a group in Summer 2013, initially founded by the councils of Coventry, Derby, Preston, Sunderland and Wakefield.

Individually, we are termed mid-sized due to our populations. We are also mid-sized due to our economies; as put by Centre for Cities, we are ‘productive but constrained by our economic stature’. We share similar strengths and similar challenges, addressed through the four priorities of our Manifesto for Growth.

The UK works best when it works together. And so, together as Key Cities Group, we will share our knowledge and develop solutions to our problems. We will become a unified voice and an alliance of shared interests.

And finally, we will make the most of this opportunity we have to promote our economic interests, and ten per cent of the population’s economic interests, to central government.

In 2020 we launched the Key Cities manifesto which outlines the significant opportunities for cities and places across the UK to work together with the Government to drive our economic and social future as the UK exits the COVID-19 pandemic and realigns its relationship with Europe. Read in full below.