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Portsmouth is the UK's only island city and is proud of its unique identity. 

Its military and commercial ports are of national strategic importance and it is well-connected to Europe. It is one of the only cities in Britain to own its own motorway, the M275, which sweeps right into its centre. It also has good rail links to London and the wider area, but rail journey times are slow for the distances involved. 

Portsmouth is the home of many cutting-edge industries, mainly related to the marine, maritime and communications systems sectors.  Airbus makes payloads for satellites in Portsmouth. IBM has its UK headquarters here, and BAE Systems has a major presence. Ben Ainslie Racing have just built their America's Cup base here, boosting the area's hi-tech marine and maritime sector further. 

The city of the Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior has been home of the Royal Navy for 800 years.  It is now preparing to welcome two huge new aircraft carriers - each three times the size of HMS Ark Royal. The naval base, employing 11,000 people, is receiving massive investment to ensure it can support a greater tonnage of shipping than at any time since the 1950s. 

The city of Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens is also enjoying a boom in its creative and cultural life, with rejuvenated theatres, international sporting events, new art space and innovative players in the digital realm.

The city council reflects the community's entrepreneurial spirit. It built the iconic Spinnaker Tower and operates Portsmouth International Port. It has built a new junction on the motorway, with a park and ride, paving the way for 3,600 new permanent jobs and 2,370 new homes. This will be a centrepiece of a massive City Deal regeneration programme.

Portsmouth is a city moving forward. Tourism is up 7%. The area is in the top 20 for start-up businesses nationally. And the University of Portsmouth, rated in the top two per cent of world universities, continues to grow – with 23,000 students from more than 140 countries.

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