Super Connected Coventry

The Council led Super Connected Coventry project passed an important milestone as it signed up its 100th business to receive the grant funding.

Cllr Kevin Maton, Cabinet Member, Business Enterprise and Employment, at Coventry City Council explained the importance:

“The Super Connected Coventry project is vitally important as it encourages and supports all the small and medium sized businesses in the city to become more competitive on a national and international scale.

“Only today at the Chamber’s economic conference, the importance of investment in improving IT and internet connections was stressed as vital for the growth of businesses in Coventry and the surrounding area.”

The project supports all types of business – from construction to professional services. Professional IT support & network cabling company Bear Assembly were the 100th company to sign up for the scheme. As an IT company, they provide, configure and repair PCs, and install IT network cabling solutions for their clients connecting multiple computers together, and allowing them to connect to the internet and other devices, such as shared printers.

Peter Dorr of Bear Assembly (PC Repair Zone - Longford) explained their interest in the project:

“A really fast internet connection is increasingly essential to all businesses now – no company’s IT systems operate in isolation any more – they are all connected to suppliers, partners, clients, remote workers beyond the office network. Just as our clients need to be able to connect to the outside world, so do we.

Even basic things like configuring the software updates on a new PC is all done on the internet now, and the size of the files means it can take a long time, especially if we are getting several PCs ready at the same time. A fast internet connection makes a huge difference to the way we can service our clients.”

As one of 22 Super Connected Cities across the UK, Coventry has significant funding available to help small and medium businesses to connect to superfast and ultrafast broadband services.

Passing the 100th company signed up for the scheme is important, and thanks in many ways to the local service providers in Coventry who have signed up to deliver the connections. Local companies like HBT Communications ,who provided the connection for Bear Assembly.

Zamurad Hussain is Managing Director of HBT Communications, he explained:

“The Super Connected Coventry project is really helpful to small businesses – the £3,000 funding is usually going to be sufficient to cover all of the initial connection charges, only leaving the customer with the normal monthly connection charges.

The new superfast and ultrafast broadband connections allow small and medium businesses to take advantage of the latest voice over internet and other services – that can allow them to save considerable monthly costs on telephone calls, for example.

This means businesses can save money in some areas of their IT budget, while also increasing the efficiency and capability of their business in other areas.”

Superfast broadband and the Super Connected Coventry project isn’t just for IT based companies like Bear Assembly. All companies can benefit from the improved services that the connections allow, and there is a growing group of service providers able to deliver the services and also help small businesses claim the grant funding.

Cllr Kevin Maton continued:

“Reaching this 100th application is an important step, but we’re not stopping there. We want to keep on going and get as many small and medium business as possible connected.

That’s why the involvement of key suppliers in Coventry such as HBT Communications, Warwick Net and CityFibre are so important. They and their partners can work directly with business clients to understand exactly what they need, deliver the services, and help them claim the grant funding.”

Details of the different service providers registered to provide grant funded superfast broadband through the Super Connected Coventry project and information about how to apply can be found on the Council’s website at

The project is open for new applications until 31st March 2015. There is over £2.4 million in funding available, and each company can claim up to £3,000 for the initial connection charges.