About Key Cities


During the summer of 2013 we officially brought together the Key Cities Group, comprising 20 of the UK’s cities. Cities with a GVA £110 billion and population of 5.6 million when combined, and ones which play a key role in their regional economy: some are centres of innovation, some are centres for production, whilst others may be the focus for trade.

The attributes of Key Cities are by no means uniform, but the diverse nature of the individual cities’ heritage and assets, when brought together, offers a significant combined presence.

We feel that the Key Cities Group is an essential step forward in capturing and representing an important element of the debate on behalf of those 20 member cities, and indeed others who are not represented now.

It is our strong belief that Key Cities presents us with a significant opportunity. We see ourselves as very much part of the agenda for promoting economic growth nationwide. The Key Cities Group is about providing our cities with more opportunities to boost the economic prosperity of the country.

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