About Key Cities


Key Cities are a group of  mid-size cities and urban areas across the UK. Our members represent all of the major political parties and places across England and Wales. We are a united voice for urban Britain, working to champion our places. We work with other cities, towns and organisations across local government and beyond to deliver prosperity and a good standard of living and environment for all.

We produce ideas, research and engagement, both with experts and with ordinary people across our places.  We want a country where no place is left behind and every family and person has opportunities for a better life. We also believe everyone in our places has a voice, and we act to make sure that voice is listened to.

What we offer Britain:

Key Cities are uniquely positioned to be able to provide a clear voice for people, organisations and businesses across urban Britain. Our membership covers north and south, inland, port and coastal, and areas with differing levels of prosperity.

Key Cities members are:

  • Some of the fastest growing local economies in the UK.
  • Places with major strengths in both manufacturing and exports.
  • Five of the top ten goods-exporting cities in the UK.
  • Home to over 250,000 manufacturing jobs.
  • The right size for growth – with available land to expand.
  • Ideal test beds for economic and social innovation.

Through partnership with central government, business and each other, we are working to deliver:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Stronger Growth
  • Higher employment in better paid, more secure jobs
  • A more inclusive economy
  • Engagement with people who feel economically and politically excluded
  • Regenerated and sustainable cities with more affordable housing
  • A better leisure and culture offer for everyone

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