Key Cities Urges Devolution Committee To “Get on” With Stimulating Economic Growth Across The UK

Councillor Paul Watson

Councillor Paul Watson has written an opinion piece for the Local Government Chronicle (LGC), urging William Hague’s Cabinet Sub-Committee on Devolution to “get on” with stimulating economic growth across the UK. 

Key Cities recently wrote to the First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons to demand that local authorities be empowered to stimulate jobs and growth, by further devolving power to city leaders, using the areas of focus outlined in the group’s Charter for Devolution as a guiding principle. 

As Councillor Watson writes:

“This Committee represents a once in a generation opportunity to rebalance political power in the UK. We would therefore urge Mr Hague and his Committee to seize this chance to deliver a better settlement for all our cities – one that will improve the lives of our residents and deliver lasting economic growth for the whole country.”

To read the full article, please visit the Local Government Chronicle.